Mobikwik Upi Cashback Offer – Get Rs.50 Cashback On Upi Transfers

Mobikwik Upi Cashback Offer

Mobikwik Upi Offer, Mobikwik Upi Cashback Offer – Hello guys, we hope you are enjoying our phonepe cashback loot & bhim abpb loot. And today here in this article, we are back with another similar loot of upi. We have already shared upi cashback offers of paytm, bhim app, freecharge & this time we are sharing the upi cashback offer of Mobikwik app.

Here, mobikwik is back with a upi offer & offering rs.250 cashback on transfering money via upi. Plus, we have shared other mobikwik upi cashback offers below, which will surely help an user to earn cashbacks from mobikwik. And, this mobikwik upi cashback offer is for a limited period of time & valid for both new/existing users.

Mobikwik Upi Cashback Offer

How To Get Rs.50 Cashback By Upi Transfer?

**Offer is valid for 1st upi transfer of month**

1) Download/Update mobikwik app

2) Login/Sign up

3) Go to wallet > bhim upi > add bank account > select your bank

4) Now it will fetch your bank account via simcard

5) After it, It will create a mobikwik upi id with @ikwik

6) Now transfer rs.500 to any mobikwik new user via upi id (@ikwik vpa)

7) You will get rs.50 cashback on transfering rs.500

8) So, this is how you will get rs.50 cashback via upi transcations on every 10th upi transfer

9) Cashback will be credited to wallet instantly

Note1: Receiver should not necessarily be unique.

Note2: Primary payments bank won’t be eligible for this offer.

Details Of ‘‘Mobikwik Upi Cashback Offer’’:

1) Get Rs.50 on 1st UPI Transfer of the month to any UPI handle.

2) Minimum amount of each transfer should be Rs. 500.

3) Users need to complete their KYC in order to receive cashback.

4) User should not have transferred money using UPI even once in September.

5) Offer is valid from 25th September till 30th September.

6) The transfers should be successful during the offer period.

7) Users who have linked their payments bank as the primary bank, won’t be eligible.

8) If sender or receiver has de-registered VPA even once, those users will not be eligible for cashback

9) Source – Mobikwik Blog

Other Mobikwik Upi Offers To Earn Cashbacks:

How To Get Rs.125 On Adding Money In Mobikwik Wallet Via Upi?

**This offer is expired now**

1) Open mobikwik app

2) Add money min. rs.100 to mobikwik wallet via upi

3) User will get rs.50 cashback in wallet on first add money via upi

4) Another cashback of rs.75 will be credited on 10th add money.

5) So, this is how an user will get rs.125 cashback on adding money via upi.

6) Cashback will be credited to wallet by 1st October

Details Of ‘Mobikwik Add Money Upi Offer’:

1) Users need to complete their KYC in order to receive cashback.

2) Offer is valid from 19th to 21st September

3) UPI creation and transaction option is currently live on MobiKwik Android app only

4) Offer is valid only if you’re on the latest Android app.

5) If user has de-registered VPA even once, those users will not be eligible for cashback.

6) Users linking their payments bank won’t be eligible for Cashback.

7) Source: Click here

How To Get Rs.1000 Cashback By Refer & Earning At Mobikwik?

1) Open mobikwik app

2) Go to bhim upi

3) Now, send rs.50 to a new mobikwik user via upi

4) User will get rs.100 cashback for transferring money to 1 user

5) Another, rs.900 cashback will be credited to wallet on sending rs.50 to 9 different new mobikwik users.

6) So, this is how an user will get rs.1000 cashback on sending money to 10 new mobikwik users.

Details Of ‘Mobikwik Upi Refer & Earn Offer’:

1) Get Rs.100 cashback for transferring Rs.50 to a new user via UPI.

2) Receiver should be a new MobiKwik user.

3) One can refer maximum 10 new user to get up to Rs.1000 cashback.

4) Receiver’s sign up date and transfer date should be same.

5) Transfer should be done to receiver’s MobiKwik VPA.

6) Cashback will be credited to wallet in 1-2 business days.

7) Users having Payment banks linked as primary bank won’t be eligible.

8) Offer is valid on latest MobiKwik Android App only.

9) If a user has de-registered their VPA in past, they won’t be eligible for the offer.

10) Users have to complete their KYC in order to get cashback in wallet.

11) Limited period offer.

12) Source: Click here

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