How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 20 Mbps With 7 Awesome Tricks

How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 20 Mbps With 7 Awesome Tricks:

Hello Readers,As all know that Jio 4g is giving free 4g internet from 5-6 months,when it was developed it was only available for LYF that time the speed was about 20-40 Mbps, But now due to heavy load on servers, download & upload speed has reduced in some areas. So we are going to share 7 tricks to increase Reliance Jio 4G speed for fast downloading & uploading speed

If you are getting speed in the range of 150-500 KBps while downloading, then you should try out following tricks one by one.

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Tricks to Increase Reliance Jio Speed

Note : All tricks has been checked by our team members, we can not claim that they will 100% work for you.

Use these methods only if you are getting low speed (below 500 KBps). There’s no risk involved here, so you can try them out to check if speed is really increasing. At the max, these tricks won’t work for you. At any time, you can revert back to original settings

#1. Changing APN Settings

1. Go to settings
2. Choose Mobile networks option
3. Set Preferred network type to LTE & press back button
4. Select Access Point Names (APN)
5. Scroll down until you see ‘APN protocol’ option > make it IPv4/IPv6
6. Again scroll & select ‘Bearer’ option & choose ‘LTE’.
7. Now save all the settings (Important)
8. Turn on your data connection & check speed.

#2. For Rooted Phones

1. Download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer apk on your phone (Google it for download link).
2. In Select network speed, choose : 12/28/7 – Max Speed (Low battery efficiency) option.
3. Click on ‘Apply Tweak’.
4. Restart phone & after that (hopefully) you will see increase in speed.

#3. Using VPN (No root required)

1. Download Snap VPN from play store. It’s available free of cost.
2. After opening, you will see the list of countries. In front on each, signal strength is given.
3. Select the country which has good strength & tap on connect (poor strength = less speed)
4. It might not connect in first attempt, keep trying.
5. Once the connection is established, try downloading some files to check downloading speed.

#.4 Using Speedify to increase Jio net speed

1. They have both version (for android & desktop version)
2. If you are gonna use Wifi, then use Desktop Version else download their Android App if you want to increase speed in mobile.
3. It’s kind of VPN only.
4. Simply connect to nearest server & enjoy high speed 4G in your Reliance Jio sim.

#5. Changing Band (Caution!)

Note : Try it on your own risk! I will not be responsible for any damage. If you are noob/beginner, do not try this trick.

1. Download MTK engineering mode from Here. If you know USSD code to enter into engineering mode, then there’s no need to download app.
2. Change band to 40 (2300 MHz)
3. Set FDD-LTE to 1800/850 MHz
4. (Optional) Further you can also use Speedify to get even more speed.
5. Save everything & get ready to fly with blazing 4G speed!

#6. Trick to increase Jio speed in Lyf Flame 6 Smartphone (Might work in your phones too)

Use it on your own risk!

1. Download AnyCut app from Here.
2. Create shortcuts for ‘Phone Info’ and ‘Engineering Mode’ from app.
3. Open ‘Phone info’ shortcut and set ‘Preferred Network Type’ to TD-LTE Singlemode.
4. Check your net speed again, if it’s not improving then follow next steps.
5. Open ‘engineering mode’ and click on ‘Band Select’.
6. Uncheck FDD_Band5 & click on SET button. If 2300 MHz band is available in your area, then just go for it.
7. Reboot phone & see the rise in jio net speed.

#7. Increase Jio Speed using different server name

1. Go to your apn setting & scroll down.
2. In server section, type & save settings.
3. Reconnect your internet & check speed again.

I hope, you have got some working Jio tricks for increasing net speed. Share it with your friends & let them enjoy high speeds too. And keep visiting to our site for more tricks – RcDeals

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