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How To Watch/Download Airtel TV App For PC/Laptop 2019

How To Watch/Download Airtel TV App For PC/Laptop 2019

Download Airtel Tv App For Pc/Laptop – The era of television is now rapidly converting into a digital one. And, there is no doubt that we are also preferring digital content over our home tv for watching live tv channels and tv shows.

And, one such platform that most of us knows, is ‘Airtel Tv OR Airtel Xstream‘. Airtel tv application is available for android & ios users, and they’re enjoying it without any questioning, but what about pc/laptop (windows) users?

Just as vodafone play is available for pc, airtel tv is also live for web version and those users who mostly uses computers and laptops for watching movies, have the great opportunity to get the benefits of airtel tv app.

And, it’s obvious that it’s totally free of charges those who owns a airtel simcard, so if you have airtel network and now wants to explore the digital content on a big screen or we can say on a web browser, then stay with this guide which will let you to watch/download airtel tv app for pc.

Hence, let’s checkout how it works and what are the steps for it.

How To Play/Download Airtel Tv Application On PC/Laptop (Windows)?

Now you must note two things here, and it’s that we are going to share the ways that will avail an user to watch the airtel tv app and the other to download airtel tv app for pc, which means the same application of android/ios in your laptop or pc, so checkout what works for you and what isn’t. Ok, here we go…

#1 Airtel TV Web Version

  1. If you’re one of them, who wants to watch live tv channels and tv shows over your pc/laptop web browser, then follow this method
  2. Open your web browser and open this url –
  3. Click the ‘more’ button at corner and enter your airtel mobile number
  4. Verify it via otp (one time passcode)
  5. Done! now you’re able to watch the available content on airtel tv web

#2 Download Airtel TV App For Pc

  1. Using this method, require android emulators, and there are numerous emulators are present, so you can use anyone of them to download airtel tv app for pc
  2. Here we are giving the example of bluestacks, so open this link and download the software + airtel tv application
  3. Install them in your pc/laptop and follow the instructions by the bluestacks software, which is quite similar as google playstore
  4. Done! now after successfully installation of airtel tv, you can now have the access to watch live tv channels, shows and web series


Q.1 What Is Airtel Xstream?

A. Airtel Xstream is the pc/web version of airtel tv, previously pc users were not able to use airtel tv on their pc/laptop, but now airtel xstream allows them to watch through a web browser.

Q.2 Is Airtel TV Available On PC/Laptop?

A. Yep, airtel’s web version, ‘airtel xstream’ is available on pc/laptop, and by using it you can access airtel tv directly on your internet web browser.

Q.3 Is Airtel TV App Free For Airtel Users?

A. Currently, airtel subscribers can use airtel tv application with no charges, so we can say that it’s free for airtel users only.

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Final Words

Airtel xstream is the newest version of airtel tv, so don’t get confused about that they are both different from each other.

And, now both are available for mobile and web version, so according to your device you can start using the airtel tv to watch a lots of video contents.

So, now let us know which device you likes the most to watch airtel tv (or airtel xstream)?

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