BSNL 3G/4G VPN WORKING TRICK 2018 : Hello BSNL users, today I come up with a new BSNL trick 2018 to run free internet on BSNL.
We had done a great research to find out this BSNL free 3G internet trick and we have tested this in some states of India and is 100% working.
This BSNL 3G trick is based on VPN and proxy.


*.BSNL 3G Enabled sim card
*.Zero balance on your Sim.
*.A small 3G internet pack
*.APN for BSNL or BSNL GPRS settings

How to Use BSNL Free 3G Internet Trick.

We have divided this free Bsnl Internet trick according to use, as mobile user and Android users.

Just follow the below steps and enjoy free internet browsing with BSNL.

For Android Users

*.First download Droidvpn App app in your Android phone.
*.This VPN is helpful is setting up UDP port.
*.Now open your phone Access point settings and set your default APN as BSNLNET
*.Now open your VPN app and set UDP port to 9201 and connect it.
*.Now enjoy the BSNL free 3G internet on Android using VPN

For Pc Users

*.If you want to run free internet on PC Laptop , then you first need to download NMD VPN and VPN config file.
*.First move the config file to NMD VPN folder.
*.Now run the VPN and connect using config file.
*.Now enjoy the BSNL free unlimited internet on PC.
*.BSNL Free Interent Trick using Proxy Till now we have learnt how to run free internet on BSNl using VPN.

Now i will teach you..

How to use BSNL free internet using proxy networks?

*.First Download PD Proxy software into your PC.
*.Now create a new free account on PD proxy.
*.Now extract the PD Proxy and run it.
*.Now connect your BSNL dongle or Phone to your pC.
*.Now set the UDP port –9201 or 9200in pd proxy .
*.Now connect the PD proxy and try to run internet.
*.Now you can browse BSNL free high speed internet.

This BSNL free 3G internet trick is working in all parts of India. Our team members have verified it with some states of India like Maharastra, Gujarat, Up, Rajasthan. If you belong to some other state then you must also try this trick and let us know in comments. We will help you in running free internet on BSNL at your location.

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