How To Delete Your WhatsApp Account Permanently

How To Delete Your WhatsApp Account Permanently

How To Delete Your WhatsApp Account Permanently : As we know, now-a-days… WhatsApp is the one of the most popular app, which is uses by every user who have smart phones. Without whatsapp , a smartphone is nothing. It is a type of lifeline to its users.

But, unfortunately under certain conditions. One have to delete his/her whatsapp a/c for permanently.And further more, Uninstalling the app doesn’t help. It only deletes the WhatsApp icon from your phone. All your messages will still come to WhatsApp servers and once you reinstall the app, they will be there. Also you’ll still be a part of all those family groups and chats.

But , there is a way to delete your whatsapp a/c for permanently … So, our aim in this trick is to only provide the trick that – “How One Can Delete His/Her WhatsApp Account For Permanently”.

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1. Go to settings.

2. Tap on Account.

3. Next click on ‘Delete my account’.

4. You’ll be asked to enter your phone number on which the WhatsApp is registered. Enter the number and tap on delete my account shown across the red background.

5. It’ll ask you to enter your region and the reason for quitting. This is optional. Tap on delete my account and done. Your WhatsApp account is deleted now.

Now to access again, you will have to create a new WhatsApp account.

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