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How To Download Linkedin Videos On Both Mobile/PC 2019

How To Download Linkedin Videos On Both Mobile/PC 2019

Linkedin is a well known social media platform which is used by millions of users to create a professional identity among the business profiles and reputed companies.

It’s also known for it’s engaging learning videos, and that’s a reason that most of us surf linkedin. Plus, watching the videos on the platform is an easiest task for any linkedin user, but you may question us, then what’s the tough task?

Well, it’s saving that video locally or we can say that downloading that linkedin video.

You might have heard about downloading youtube videos and about other social media websites, but how would you download linkedin videos?

As other video platforms allows an user to download the particular video, linkedin doesn’t allows us to save it.

However, there is also a solution for it, that we’re going to discuss throughout this article, the thing you need right now is to stay with this guide, so that you may know that how to download a linkedin video with few steps.

So, if everything is ok, then let’s move to our main topic and let’s know about it.

Save Linkedin Videos With The Easiest Way

Now before we start explaining the ways to download linkedin videos, you must keep one thing in mind, that this method won’t allow you to download paid linkedin videos.

Yep, you can only download those videos which are uploaded directly to the platform (which are also called native videos).

So, if you wanna get aware about that way then follow the below explained ways and you would be able to download linkedin videos in both mobile and computer.

How To Download Linkedin Videos On Mobile?

How To Download Linkedin Videos On Mobile
How To Download Linkedin Videos On Mobile

1. Login to your linkedin account in any mobile browser
2. Go to video post and copy the url of that linkedin post (make sure it is ‘public’)
3. Open the downloader tool and paste the link into that url box
4. Submit it and it would start fetching the linkedin video
5. Now click the three vertical dots (⋮), click the download button, and your linkedin video will get downloaded

How To Download Videos From Linkedin On Pc/Laptop?

How To Download Videos From Linkedin On Pc/Laptop
How To Download Videos From Linkedin On Pc/Laptop

1. For downloading linkedin video in pc/laptop, you must have the url of that linkedin post.
2. Now once you get it, open this link and paste it in the url bar
3. After getting the video, simply click the download button to start downloading
4. Done!

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has solved your query about downloading video from linkedin platform. For both mobile and pc, we’ve shared the working ways that can save the linkedin video to your local memory.

If you find this article useful, then please share it on your social profiles, and let us know, which linkedin video you downloaded after reading our blog?

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