How To Expand Any Shortened URL 2018

How To Expand Any Shortened URL: Do you want to know the url behind any shortened url? if yes, then this trick is very useful for you..Because, here in this trick post. We will show you that – “How One Can Know The Url Behind Any Shortened Url“.. In Social Sites, we see many shortened urls, but no one knows which url is behind the short url..

The popular shorturls are,,.etc., But you ever thought that which link is attached behind this shortened url before we click any url..
But, there is a trick to unshort any url very easily..So, keep reading to know about this trick.

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• At first, you should have the the shortened url, which you want the long url behind it

• Now, just open this Link

• Paste the shortened url & click on ‘Expand URL’

• Thats It, now will see the long url… which was shortened

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