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Dial Toll Free Number & Airtel Caller Tune Free For 999 Days

Dial Toll Free Number & Airtel Caller Tune Free For 999 Days

Airtel Free Caller Tune – Bored with “Tring – Tring” caller tune? then get ready for airtel free caller tune service without any subscription. Here, Now Airtel users can enjoy free caller tune with toll free number for 999 days and not for 1 month only.

As we already shared jio free caller tune trick, idea caller tune trick and this time is for airtel subscribers.

Basically, its costs for ₹30/per month and many of us try to avoid it due to its charges. And, after pointing the problem, we are posting this article about how to set caller tune in airtel for free

By dialing an airtel caller tune toll free number, user can able to activate free caller tune for almost 3 years.

And, the plus point behind the offer is, no hidden charges will be applicable for activation. Every airtel user can activate airtel free caller tune service by just dialing a toll free number via any mobile phone.

The airtel caller tune named as “Mera Desh” would activate by default. Later, it can be changed or deactivated by any other caller tune at anytime with some downloading and activation charges.

The airtel free caller tune number is working all over India and eligible for every user. So, its a big opportunity for every airtel subscriber to grab airtel caller tune free.

Hence, set caller tune in airtel for free in airtel simcard. Ready? Let’s get started.

Airtel Caller Tune Free :

Enjoying airtel free internet tricks? We know that after posting offers of paytm, freecharge and amazon, we are posting another offer and this is based on Caller tune and here, we are going to share trick of getting airtel free caller tune.

And, Now, any airtel user can enjoy “Mera Desh” caller tune with free of charge. So, let’s follow the below steps to explore the free caller tune offer.

How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel For Free?

1) The first thing you need to do is to, call this airtel caller tune number toll free 5787809 from your airtel sim card

2) Select your language and confirm it by dialing 1

3) Now you will hear “Mera Desh” song

4) Then, it will ask you to confirm it

5) So, Press the given option and then Confirm it

6) Within 30 minutes your callertune will get activated.

7) You will get a confirmation message of “Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai” caller tune activation.

8) For confirmation, Call on your airtel number from any other number and check whether it is activated or not

9) Finally, Enjoy airtel free caller tune trick (hello tune) for 999 days without any subcription charge.

How To Change And Deactivate Airtel Free Caller Tune?

Didn’t like that free airtel hello tune? follow these simple steps and deactive the free caller tune service within minutes.

1) Open messaging app.

2) Type STOP and send the message to 155223 from your airtel number.

3) Within few minutes, you will get a confirmation message of free caller tune deactivation.

4) If above, message doesn’t works then simply call this 155223 toll free number and deactivate the free hello tune service.

Conclusion Of Airtel Caller Tune Free Offer:

We hope you enjoyed the airtel free caller tune offer using toll free number. If you’ve any questions or queries related to free airtel caller tune and post it in the comment section.

Finally, thanks a lot for reading this tutorial and join our telegram channel for more interesting stuffs.

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