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Greenify Pro Apk (Donation Package) Latest Free Download 2019

Greenify Pro Apk (Donation Package) Latest Free Download 2019

Greenify Pro Apk, Donation Apk – Frustrated with the lagging and frequent hangs in your android device? then, you need an application that will surely help you to get rid out of this. And, here am gonna show you that app, which is known as Greenify.

The work of greenify pro apk is quite simple, it hibernates those applications which we actually don’t want to use.

Such applications sucks the battery and overall performance of your android device, and greenify pro app takes care of these applications.

Besides hibernation, the entire performance of an android system is also gets improved by the greenify pro application, so it’s an additional feature of the apk file, hence installing greenify will surely enhance your android battery and it’s performance.

Well, greenify comes with both free and paid (greenify donation package apk) versions. But, here we’re sharing the latest version of greenify pro apk for download. You just have to click the downloading links at the end of the article and your greenify pro app is ready there to boost your battery life.

Therefore, let’s move further to discuss everything about greenify donation apk.

Greenify Pro Apk Features

App NameGreenify Pro Apk
App Package Namecom.oasisfeng.greenify
Last Update25.02.19
App Size3.98 MB
Supports OnAndroid Ver. 4.0+

The pro (premium, donation apk) version of greenify app unlocks those features which we missed in the free version app.

Some of the great uses and features are mentioned below :

  • You can greenify the system applications as well
  • The premium version avails you the boost mode which helps us to increase the performance in hibernation (requires ‘Xposed’)
  • You can greenify applications without losing the ability to receive push messages (requires ‘Xposed’)
  • Greenify pro apk helps us to reveal hidden sync tasks (requires ‘Xposed’)
  • Auto-hibernation now works in non-root mode

While the other basic features can also be found in this greenify pro app. So, check it out by yourself.

How To Install Greenify Pro Apk App?

Installing greenify pro in non-root is easy as installing other applications. But, for newbies we’re explaning it by the following steps :

  1. Firstly, you should have the latest greenify pro apk file, so download it by below links.
  2. After downloading, you need to visit settings > security > check the ‘unknown sources’ option.
  3. Click the apk file and install it.
  4. After successfully, installation, you’re ready to use/hibernate your non-required applications.
  5. But, for root users, they need to install the framework in xposed. So, keep following the below steps :
  6. Download and install Xposed installer from here –
  7. Install the ‘Framework’ in the ‘Xposed Installer’ and activate ‘Greenify’ in ‘Modules’.
  8. Reboot your device.
  9. Done!!

Download Links For Greenify Pro Apk File


Q.What Is The Use Of Greenify?

A. Greenify is basically used to hibernate those inactive android applications, who runs in background mode.

Q.Does Greenify Actually Save Battery?

A. Yep, after hibernating android applications, it’s actually saves the battery life.

Q.Does Greenify Work Without Root?

A. Some of the functions needs root access, while other works without root.

Q.Should I Need To Update It Manually?

A. Yeah.


So, we hope this article of ‘greenify pro‘ helped you to fasten your android’s speed. The process of hibernation was too easy and i know you loved the other features too.

But, Make sure you do not hibernate applications that are used in daily routines such as – ‘alarm app, messaging app, etc.,’

Apart from this, it’s safe to use – ‘greenify pro apk‘ (greenify donation apk) app. At last, share this article with everyone and start creating the devices lag-free.

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