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Idea Free Caller Tune – 3 Methods To Activate/Deactivate Hello Tune 2019

Idea Free Caller Tune – 3 Methods To Activate/Deactivate Hello Tune 2019

Free Caller TuneIdea network is known for it’s high speed internet data & services.

Well, it’s no doubt that most of us owns a jio sim, but plenty of us also have idea network as a secondary or primary sim card.

And, just like reliance jio, idea also offers some free value added services to their customers.

And, caller tune is one such service which is recently offered by idea network for free of charges for their customers.

We’ve already shared the free caller tune offer of airtel and jio. And, here we’re going to show the steps and process for activation of free caller tune in Idea.

Well, It offers both free and paid subscriptions for activating a caller tune. So, we will cover up their paid caller tune subscription too.

So that those who need to set caller tune in idea, can easily follow our methods and steps.

Hence, if you’re a current idea network user and wants to know the actual offer/method of idea free caller tune, then you’re going through the right direction.

OK!! Let’s know about everything related idea caller tune free in detail.

Requirements To Set Idea Free Caller Tune

  • Idea simcard
  • 2g/ 3g/ 4g handset
  • Zero balance (for risk-free)
  • Actual working method
  • Time & patience

Methods To ‘Set, Add, Make, Put, Activate’ Caller Tune In Idea

There are all methods to set caller tune in idea network. These all are working perfectly in most of the states of India.

You can try any one method to activate idea free caller tune. So, if you’re too curious to know then have a look on below mentioned methods

Steps To Activate Idea Free Caller Tune

Activating free caller tune in idea through is method is pretty easy, you just have to send a message from your idea network and your caller tune will get activated for 30 days without any subscription charge.

So, follow the below steps :

1. Open your messaging app, and type HB and send it to 56789

2. You will get a confirmation sms, so just reply with 1 and send it back

3. Done! your idea caller tune free – ‘Hunny Bunny‘ will be activated for 30 days in your idea network

4. Morever, for activation the same hunny bunny caller tune, simply dial 56789 from your idea sim

5. Great! it will get activated within minutes

Steps To Set Caller Tune In Idea From My Idea App

In this method, you will need ‘my idea application’ for activating idea caller tune. The idea caller tune free will be valid for only 1 day, so make sure you deactivate it before it gets autorenewed.

So, follow the below steps to set your selected caller tune in idea for free of cost.

1. The first step is to download the official my idea app from playstore

2. Login/sign up with your idea number

3. Visit Shop tab > Dialer tone option

4. Choose your favourite song according to your mood

5. You will receive an activation message for your selected song and your idea free caller tune will be activated.

6. You can also set your caller tune in idea everyday, just by activating it from the above steps.

Steps To Set Caller Tune In Idea From Dialer Tone Code (Idea Caller Tune Number)

Idea have launched the toll free ‘dialer access codes‘. You can easily activate your idea caller tune by entering the dialer tone code. And, to do it, you need to follow below steps :

1. Firstly, you should have the dialer tone code for your selected song, then only you will be able to activate it.

2. If you’ve got your code, then simply dial 56789+YOUR SONG CODE

E.g – 567893513130

3. After dialing it, press 1 and set your idea caller tune via dialer tone code

P.s – ‘This isn’t free, you will be charged for activating it. So, make sure you once check your balance before confirming it’.

How To ‘Change, Stop, Remove, Deactivate’ Caller Tune In Idea

Made your mind to deactivate idea caller tune? this decision could be due to many reasons.

So, if you’re one of them who wants to change his/her caller tune in idea, then checkout the below working methods.

Steps To Deactivate Idea Caller Tune Via Sms

Now just by sending a message, your idea caller tune will get deactivated. You will need to follow the below steps for this deactivation process.

1. Open messaging app, type STOP and send it to 155223

2. Your idea caller tune will get deactivated within few minutes.

3. You can also deactivate your idea caller tune by dialing the idea caller tune deactivate number 155223

Steps To Deactivate Idea Caller Tune Via My Idea App

If somehow the above method doesn’t works for you, then you use try this method for idea caller tune deactivation.

Here, you will need an official my idea app and some baby steps. So, follow it :

1. Open your my idea application

2. Visit the subscriptions tab and click the caller tune option

3. Finally, click the deactivate now option

4. You will receive a confirmation message for idea caller tune deactivation, simply reply with 1 and send it back

5. Done!

Steps To Remove Hunny Bunny Caller Tune

1. Create a new sms

2. Type UNSUB rn_sel_hb to 54300

3. Done !! Your callertune will get deactivated within minutes

FAQs / QnA

Q.1 How To Set Our Own Caller Tune In Idea?

A. You can set your own caller tune in idea with normal caller tune charges. If you need to activate idea free caller tune, then follow the above methods.

Q.2 How Much Idea Caller Tune Charges?

A. It charges for around 39 rs./ month + 15 rs. of downloading charge. (it will be available at Rs 42 in MP and CG)

Q.3 Is Idea Caller Tune Free?

A. If you will follow the above idea caller tune free methods. Then, only you can activate it free of charges, else you will be charged.

Q.4 Is There Any Idea Caller Tune App?

A. Yes, the official my idea caller tune app is used for activating idea caller tune.

Q.5 Is There Any Idea Caller Tune Code For Activation?

A. Yes, dialer tone code is used to activate caller tunes. We’ve mentioned the method above.


So, finally i hope you’ve got the actual working way to set caller tune in idea in both free and paid versions.

Simply try any method of idea caller tune free trick from above and let your friends to enjoy while calling.

And, don’t forget to share with them so that they can also use the benefit of free idea caller tune.

Plus, still if you’ve confused in any of the above steps then please mention it in the comment box below.

So, that i can reply you with an appropriate answer.

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