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All Networks Loan Numbers/USSD Codes – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Jio 2019

All Networks Loan Numbers/USSD Codes – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Jio 2019

Loan Numbers/USSD Codes Of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl & Jio – It shouldn’t be happen, but what if you get trapped in a situation where you’ve to call someone urgently, and your account balance have below 1rs.

Plus there is nobody arround who can help you to dial that number, then how would you handle that scenario by yourself?

Well, if you know about emergency loan services, then yes you can face that situation too quickly. And, that’s what, here you’re gonna get today.

As such conditions can be happen at anytime, so you must aware of these operator emergency loan services, so that at that very moment, you can take the loan in your sim card.

But, the question is how to get talktime loans or internet data loans in indian telecom operators? well, here we are providing the each and every detail about emergency loan services of – airtel, vodafone, idea, bsnl and jio.

Therefore, stay tightly with this guide and know about the activation numbers and ussd codes of all simcards for requesting the talktime/internet loans.

What Is Loan Service? How It Is Useful?

Loan services are the facility provided by telecom operators to request a specific loan amount of 10rs – 20rs instantly.

There is no need to discuss about them that how they can be useful for us, as anybody can be in need of such talktime or internet loans at any emergency.

But, there are some conditions where these services doesn’t works, firstly if you have purchased a new simcard and the sim time period isn’t crossed 90 days yet, then you are not eligible to take a loan in that simcard.

In other words, loan services would only work if you are using that network from at least 3 months.

Secondly, loans are provided to only those who’ve cleared the previous loan due. And, one more thing i wanna add here is that, loans are given with some service charge fee.

For example, if you’re requesting a loan amount of rs.10, then you’ve to pay the loan amount along with service charges, which is vary from networks to networks.

All Telecom Operators Ussd Codes & Numbers Of Loan Services

So, here we come to the main point, and it’s how to take loans in airtel, vodafone, idea, bsnl and jio using loan numbers and ussd codes. Ready? ok let’s know…

How To Take Loan/Advance Talktime In Airtel?

Airtel users can request the talktime loan by following the below airtel loan number and ussd code, users may get loan of amount rs.10. Plus, you may also find the ussd code to take an internet credit loan in airtel simcard, so checkout both.

Note – Advance talktime in airtel simcard is temporarily unavailable, so kindly wait for the restart update.
**Last checked : 8th Oct. 2019

Take Advance Talktime Loan InAirtel
NUMBER52141 (toll-free)
USSD CODE*141*10#

Take Advance Internet Data Loan InAirtel
USSD CODE*141*567#

How To Take Loan/Advance Talktime On Vodafone?

Vodafone users may either get ₹5 or ₹35 as a loan amount. But, by following the below details using vodafone loan number and ussd code, you will get an advance talktime of ₹5 with a service charge of ₹1.5, which will be deducted from your next recharge.

Take Advance Talktime Loan InVodafone
USSD CODE*111*10#
SMSCREDIT to 144 &
CC to 144 (for confirmation)

Take Advance Internet Data Loan InVodafone
USSD CODE*130*4# and Select Internet Credit

How To Take Loan/Advance Talktime In Idea?

Here, idea users can take a loan of amount ₹10 or ₹20 as a talktime. And, idea operator also have the service of internet data loan, so use the idea talktime loan service using idea loan number and ussd code.

Take Advance Talktime Loan InIdea
USSD CODE*150*10# (for rs.10 talktime loan)

*150*20# (for rs.20 talktime loan)

Take Advance Internet Data Loan InIdea

How To Take Loan/Advance Talktime In Bsnl?

The govt. owned telecom operator bsnl, also allows us to request loan in a low balance account. The following bsnl loan number and ussd code may help you to get advance credit talktime in bsnl.

Take Advance Talktime Loan InBsnl

How To Take Loan/Advance Talktime In Jio?

Currently, jio doesn’t have loan services at the moment. So, you can either wait for the official announcement or bookmark this post to get the update about jio loan number/ussd code.


Q.1 What Is The Validity Of Loan Amount Services?

A. The loan amount you took from your sim card has no validity period to be expired, until you yourself use it.

Q.2 Are Talktime & Internet Loans Available For Every Operator?

A. Till now every operator except jio have the service of advance talktime loan. Plus, advance internet data loans are available at selected operators that we’ve mentioned above.

Q.3 Can We Take Both Talktime & Internet Loan At A Same Time?

A. Nope, only one thing can be processed at the same time, but if you’ve cleared the due of that loan then yes, you take the loan at the very moment.

Q.4 Can’t We Take Loan Without Clearing The Due?

A. Nope, you can’t take another loans without clearing the pending loan due. So, make sure you clear that exisiting loan amount by recharging your account with any talktime recharge plan.

Q.5 What If I Don’t Clear The Existing Loan Amount?

A. You won’t be able to use your operator’s calling services, because we very well know that every month we need to recharge a validity plan of ₹35 amount, inorder to keep the calling services active, so activating this plan will automatically clear your loan due.

Quick Recap –

  • Airtel Loan Number & Advance Talktime Ussd Code : 52141 & *141*10#
  • Airtel Internet Data Loan Code : *141*567#
  • Vodafone Advance Talktime Loan Code : *111*10#
  • Vodafone Internet Data Code : *130*4#
  • Idea Talktime Loan Ussd Code : *150#
  • Bsnl Talktime Loan Number & Loan Code : *518#
  • Jio Balance & Internet Loan Number : N/A


In emergency, loan services are the most valuable & worthy than anything and everybody should be aware of them. It can be useful at that phase that we ourselves can’t even imagine.

Plus, we are sure that this guide has taught you the way to use the loan services in a correct manner, however if somehow any ussd code or number doesn’t working for you, then let us know in our comment section or directly speak with the customer care executives of repective telecom operators.

Share this article with your buddies and mates, and do you ever took any type of loan in your simcard?

Leave a comment below.

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