How to See WiFi Passwords Without Root Access 2018

How to See WiFi Passwords Without Root Access 2018

How to See WiFi Passwords Without Root Access: Everyone likes to use wifi in their mobile whether its a free or paid. But, sometimes we forgot the wifi passwords or don’t know the password of the wifi from which we are connected. Wifi Passwords can be easily seen through rooted mobile phones, but what you will do when you don’t want to root but want to see the wifi passwords. I think you have no option at that moment

But there is a trick, by which – “One Can Easily See His/Her WiFi Passwords In Their Phone Without Root Access“. So, in this post we will show you the no. of steps to get the passwords of all WiFi’s that you were connected. Let’s Know.

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Steps to Show Wi-Fi Password on Android Without Root :-

Before starting the process, you need a computer with a stable internet connection to do it.

Step 1: Access the Developer Option

To show the Wi-Fi password, you must first become a developer. It is very simple.
Unlock Android phone and go to Settings. Then Scroll Down to find “About Phone” and tap on it.
Here, tap on this “Build Number” 7-8 times until you see a pop up message saying, “You are now a developer“.

Step 2: Enable the USB Debugging

Return back to Settings and you’ll see Developer Options, tap on it and togggle on the button for USB Debugging.

Step 3: Install ADB drivers

Now, open your Windows desktop and download and install platform tools (minimal adb and fastboot)

Once done, go to C\windows\system32\platform_tools on your computer to open adb folder (you can also find them by using the search engine)

Here, hold the Shift key while right clicking on any blank space and choose “Open Command Window here.”

Step 4: Check Your Device

Now plug your device to your computer and check if the connection is successful. To do this, in the cmd, type adb devices and then press Enter. If it’s working properly, you will see a device in this list. If not, reinstall the ADB driver.

Step 5: Find Android Wi-Fi Password

Now, type in: adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf . This will fetch the file from your phone to the local disk C of the PC.

Step 6: Get Wi-Fi Passwords

Finally, open the file with the notepad and you’ll find the password Wi-Fi here. Enjoy it!

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