How To Send Money From Paytm Website (PC) & Mobile App 2019

send money from paytm website in pc to mobile

Whenever it comes for digital transactions, there is an application which comes in everbody’s mind is, ‘Paytm‘.

It is a well-known digital wallet which is currently used by over 100 million users in India. Due to it’s easiness and cool features, everybody can easily operate the application for digital money transfer.

And, sending money from paytm website to wallets and bank accounts is quite simple to understand. Basically, a non-kyc paytm user have a some kinds of limits for sending from one wallet to another.

And having a kyc verified paytm account unlocks the limitations for money transfer from wallet to wallet and wallet to bank account. And, this is what you’re going to learn about it in detail that how a paytm user can send his/her money from paytm website in pc and as well as in paytm mobile application.

All you need to do is to just follow the below steps one by one and for your understanding, we’ve attached screenshots with every step. So, that one can learn the way without any issue and error.

Hence, keep following and read the entire article to transfer money via paytm website and app.


  • Paytm Registered Account
  • Documents For KYC
  • PC (For Sending Money Via Paytm Website)
  • Mobile (For Sending Money Via Paytm Application)
  • Time + Patience

How To Do KYC Process In Paytm Website/App?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process to verify the account with real identity and documents. The basic documents which is required for paytm kyc are aadhar card, pan card, driving license, passport, voter id and nrega card.

Currently, there are two types of kyc process for verification of paytm account and these are on follows:

a. Mini Kyc

Under this process, the paytm user needs to enter the document number for verification in the paytm application. For example, aadhar number. As the word ‘mini’ itself describes that the kyc process is for basic kyc verification and the user would get a specific limit for transactions done through paytm.

In mini kyc, an user cannot send any type of amount to another paytm user. Plus, also can’t transfer the money from wallet to bank accounts. But can still send to paytm merchants via QR code.

What is paytm merchant? go through this link.

b. Full Kyc

Under this process, an user have to visit the nearest kyc point for complete kyc verification. The user needs to show his/her identity (Aadhar Card) and after biometric verification, the user becomes the full kyc verified paytm user. However, for paytm bank account registration, PAN Card is required else there is no need for kyc verification purpose.

Being a kyc user, there is no limit for sending money from wallets to wallets. Plus, one can add amount upto Rs.1 lakh to his/her paytm wallet and at one time, he/she can add upto Rs.1 lakh.

How To Send Money From Paytm Wallet to Other Wallet In Both PC/Laptop & Mobile?

As we discussed earlier that a full KYC paytm account have any no limit for sending money from paytm wallets.

So, here we’re going to discuss that how we can send money from paytm website in pc and as well as from paytm application in mobile.

How To Send Money From Paytm Website In Pc? [For PC Users]

NOTE : ‘‘Paytm Has Revoked The Send Money Feature From Website For Security Purpose. So, Kindly Use The Mobile Method’’

For Mobile Users :

1) Download paytm application for android / ios

2) Login to your paytm account by entering mobile number and password

3) Verify it via OTP (One Time Passcode)

4) Now just click the ‘Pay‘ option at the top left

5) Enter the number which you want to send the money or Scan the recipient’s QR code directly or click the image icon at corner to scan manually

6) After verification of the recipient, just enter the amount and click on send button

7) Thats it!! the money will be transferred instantly from your paytm wallet to the recipient’s wallet

How To Send Money From Paytm Wallet to Bank Account Using Paytm Website & Paytm Mobile App?

The limit for sending for sending money from wallet to bank account for a full KYC account is Rs.25,000. And, the user can send a minimum amount Rs.100 at a charge of 4% to his/her bank account.

So, you need to know that how anyone can send money to bank account from paytm website in pc and in paytm mobile application

For PC Users :

1) Open in your pc/laptop web browser

2) Click the login/signup option at top right corner

3) After logged in, Click the paytn wallet option

4) At there, you can see the ‘transfer to bank‘ option, so select it

5) Fill your bank details and click the send option

6) Done!!

For Mobile Users :

1) Open your paytm app

2) Make sure you’re logged into paytm acc. if not, then login into your acc.

3) Click on ‘passbook‘ option

4) Go to paytm wallet and click on ‘send money to bank‘ option

5) Now enter you bank details in each option

6) After filling, click on ‘proceed‘ button

7) Now it will ask you to confirm your details, so double check and then click the confirm button

8) An OTP will be sent to the registered paytm account for confirmation, so enter and submit it

9) Done!! your money from paytm wallet to you bank account within 5-10 minutes through IMPS


So, it was the complete tutorial about sending money from paytm website and paytm mobile application. I hope you got some information about paytm and all about kyc process.

Still, if you’ve any confusion related to sending money from paytm website or app, then you comment below or also can tweet at paytm twitter account for more information.

At last, share it with everyone and follow our facebook page for more updates, tutorials, tricks and tips. Bye!!

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