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All Networks Sim Balance Transfer/Share Talktime USSD Codes - Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Jio

All Networks Sim Balance Transfer/Share Talktime USSD Codes – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Jio 2019

Sim Balance Transfer/Share Talktime USSD Codes – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Jio : In order to call or text someone, sim balance or talktime is needed, and what if any one of your friend accidentally needs a particular amount of talktime and you have that specific amount in your sim account. So, what would you at that time? probably you will share that talktime to your friend. Isn’t it? yep!

Instead of using the advance talktime service, you can share/transfer talktime to your friend using ussd codes. Since every telecom operator has its own short ussd code for balance transfer.

And, if you’re such a person who doesn’t know about such ussd codes then this guide will show you all the active ussd codes and numbers of current telecom companies in India such as – airtel, vodafone, jio, idea, and bsnl.

So, if anyhow you might fall in the above-discussed condition, these ussd codes would help you in that, hence let’s have a look at your current active telecom company’s sim card, and start sharing talktime and even data balance to your friends and family within few dialup codes.

Here, we go…

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How To Transfer Balance/Talktime From One To Another

We are listing every operator’s share talktime ussd codes in a table format, so you may find it without any much difficulty. So, take your time and analyze all details mentioned below about balance and data transfer of a particular sim card.

List Of All Operators With Each & Every Steps/Table/Details :

How To Share/Transfer Balance/Talktime In Airtel?

Airtel users can share both talktime and data balance through following airtel balance transfer ussd code, the required service charge will also be deducted while transferring balance from one airtel user to other.

Note – Currently, Data share and Talktime share service are not available now in airtel operator.

Share Talktime Balance InAirtel

How To Share/Transfer Balance/Talktime In Vodafone?

Vodafone users can transfer talktime balance from Rs.5-30. Plus, a service charge of ₹2 will be used while transferring the balance from Rs.5-9, ₹ for Rs.10-19 and ₹4 for Rs.20-30. Now just follow the below vodafone balance/data transfer ussd code to do it.

Share Talktime Balance InVodafone
USSD CODE*131*AMOUNT*Mobile number#

How To Share/Transfer Balance/Talktime In Idea?

Similar to vodafone users, idea also has the share talktime service for transferring the balance to their customers/users. Thus, use the idea balance transfer ussd code in the below table to use the share talktime service in idea.

Share Talktime Balance InIdea

How To Share/Transfer Balance/Money In Bsnl?

The govt. telecom operator also provides the service to share talktime with other bsnl users, so if you’re a bsnl user then you can use the following bsnl balance transfer codes.

Share Talktime Balance InBsnl
USSD CODE*567*99#  OR *543*99#

How To Share/Transfer Balance/Talktime In Jio?

Well, Jio users doesn’t have this share talktime feature, and for now you can’t transfer your account balance to any other jio user. Once, the company would officially announce about this jio balance transfer feature, we will update here with the working number and ussd code.

Share Talktime Balance InJio

Quick Recap Of Share Talktime Ussd Codes :

  • Airtel Balance Transfer Ussd Code – *141#
  • Vodafone Balance Transfer Ussd Code – *131*<Amount>*<Number>#
  • Idea Balance Transfer Ussd Code – *191#
  • Bsnl Balance Transfer Ussd Code – *567*99# OR *543*99#
  • Jio Balance Transfer Ussd Code – N/A

Final Thoughts

In any case of no internet connection, share talktime ussd codes can be valuable for us.

And in this techy era, you must know these codes to share with others who don’t have even heard of it.

Plus, this guide that you just read will be a good choice for you to share with others, so hit that share button below of this article and comment if something doesn’t workes for you.

So, when last you used these share talktime ussd codes?

Respond below.

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