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How To Stop Flash Messages In Airtel Network 2019

How To Stop Flash Messages In Airtel Network 2019

Are you one of them, who is struggling to get rid from the airtel flash messages? then, today you’re going to finish them completely.

Airtel flash messages are pop ups of value added services, and if someone accidentally clicks that ok button, he/she gets charged.

But, more than that, this airtel flash message disturbs the user experience, for instance, if you’re watching a video or calling someone, the pop up does nothing for us but creates a mind of anger and frustration.

Since, who doesn’t know that how to stop flash messages in airtel permanently, then there are many working ways that i used to stop that flash pop ups, and if you think these messages are annoying from using your smartphone, this guide will solve this issue too easily.

Ready to know? ok, here we go…

How To Stop Flash Messages In Airtel

There are numerous methods that can stop airtel live flash messages, each method is different but do the same work as the other.

And, below we are presenting every possible way to solve this issue, so take your time and test which method is working for you and which isn’t.

#1 Using Sim Toolkit

  1. Every phone have sim toolkit which allows the user to start and stop operator services, and by using it we can deactivate/stop flash messages from airtel
  2. Open the sim toolkit from your android phone
  3. Select your simcard in which you’ve inserted your airtel sim
  4. Visit airtel now! and click on Start/ Stop
  5. Finally, click the stop option and you’re done to stop flash messages in airtel

#2 Using SMS

  1. As we know that flash messages comes under value added services, so by sending sms, it can easily deactivate it
  2. Open your message app and send STOP to 155223
  3. You will get a message about your activated value added services, so simply reply with the number of airtel now flash service
  4. Done! you will receive a successful deactivation sms regarding airtel flash message service

#3 Using Twitter

  1. Login to your twitter account
  2. Compose a tweet to their official twitter support handle @Airtel_Presence and tell them about your concern
  3. You would receive a message in your twitter inbox, simply respond them about stopping flash messages along with your airtel number
  4. Done! airtel flash messages will get stopped on your airtel number

#4 Using Airtel DND

  1. Now this is an advanced method only for those users, who wants to activate do not disturb on their airtel number
  2. Visit the following link –
  3. Enter your mobile number and activate dnd on airtel sim to get rid from unwanted telemarketing calls or sms

#5 Using Customer Care

  1. Now this is the last method to stop airtel flash messages, so if none of the above mentioned ways worked for you, then this will work for sure
  2. Open your mobile phone dialer
  3. Dial 121 and follow their commands to reach customer care executive
  4. Tell them and your service will be deactivated by the given period

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Airtel flash messages are the common issue between airtel customers, i also suffered from it and finally after stopping it, i shared this article on our blog.

I hope the all above five methods have worked for you, well you don’t need to test every method, if one has solved your query then you’re done.

At last, tell us which way you used to stop flash messages on your airtel sim?

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