How To Tag 50+ People On Facebook 2018

How To Tag 50+ People On Facebook 2018 : Hey , friends.. today we are sharing an interesting trick of facebook, in which – one can easily tag more than 50 people in their status/pic.. You are thinking that what is interesting in this trick ?

Well, everybody knows.. In facebook you can tag upto 50 people.. but in this trick we will show you how you can tag more than 50 people.. So while not taking too much time, we grow further.. Just Follow the give steps .

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Step 1: Download Opera Mobile Emulator

Step 2: Launch Mobile Emulator, Select a Mobile/Tablet Model.

Step 3: Browse Facebook from Opera Mobile Emulator.

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Now, as here, you are browsing Facebook Mobile and in Mobile User-Agent So you can Tag more than 50 people in your status update, picture, Cheers

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